• Amazing Spy Pen Camcorder

    You might have seen a lot of spy movie that uses all sorts of spy gadgets even before people started thinking about this technology. Recently, this technology has been catching up and a lot of products have come up that makes things we have seen in the movies to a reality.

    Right now spy pen camera is in a lot of buzz these days. This micro-cam audio, video recorder is a super wireless digital camcorder that is very simple to handle and is also light in weight.

  • Pen Audio Video Spy Camera

    One Sky Shop brings colour camera audio video recorder built into the form of a pen that will help you to spy anyone anywhere without notice. Even if it is a small hidden camera inside a pen, still it captures video in HD quality. This hidden spy pen camera does not need any wires or any other connection and has a good battery life, using which you can record for such a long time that you have never expected. This spy pen gadget has an internal memory off around 4GB that allows it to record quality videos. You just have to point towards the scene that you want to shoot and the wireless hidden spy camera does the rest of the work.

  • Spy Pen: The Unbeatable Spy Gadget

    The Spy Pen hidden camera is currently the most noted gadgets and have attracted a lot of gadget lovers. This small audio, video spy pen camera can be considered as the perfect friend for secret agents, who perform top secret surveillance. The spy pen is simple to use and is completely suitable for recording audios and videos, and capturing pictures with good clarity. The best part is that you can use it anytime, anywhere, without being intrusive in behaviour. You can easily switch on the spy pen gadget in your pocket and film any insightful discreet situations that may need to be noted or reported to the higher authorities.

  • Why should you have a Spy Pen Camera?

    Hidden spy pen cameras have gained a lot of popularity these days. With the increase in the overall crime rate across the nation, people have started preferring hidden spy gadgets like spy pen cameras to shoot and report any unwanted and illegal activities happening near them. Spy pen cameras are now available in different styles and prices. But people still wonder if these spy pen cameras are really in demand in the market. If you too think so, the answer is definitely a Yes. Only the difference is that you don’t see people flaunt with it everywhere like a mobile phone. Obviously you won’t see, using spy pen hidden camera is meant to be a secret, right or not.
    Here we will discuss some main features of these spy pen camera.

  • One Sky Shop Spy Pen Camera

    Spy pens are virtually all over the place these days like Smartphones, but it is just that people are not aware that they are there. That is the best part of this hidden spy pen camera. People will just consider it as an ordinary ball pen, but you only know what amazing thing this is. The One Sky Shop portable Spy Pen Camera is a convenient electronic gadget that will fit well in almost all situations and requires a very less space. So now you don’t have to carry your handy cam in your hands whenever you are travelling. This hidden digital video recorder pen is about the same size of a normal ball pen or an ink pen, and thus has fascinated a lot of customers as it is virtually undetectable.

  • Spy Pen Camera: The Ultimate Spy Gadget

    Spy pen cameras used to be a sci-fi fantasy generally seen in action or thriller movies. But now you can have these spy pen cameras now in your real life any start spying on anyone you want. These cameras look and actually perform similar to your normal writing pen. When you see this spy pen you may wonder where the camera in this spy pen is. It includes a fully functional digital audio-video hidden camera with the resolution up to 1280 X 960. The videos are saved in AVI format with a normal file size of 3-4 MB per minute. It also has a built in microphone which can clearly record sounds from several meters. After recording you can transfer the videos to laptops or PC very easily using the USB port.

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